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OneStop Financial Solutions is a team of financial advisers, mortgage brokers, and insurance specialists, led by Matt Willoughby.

We help our clients get loans, make smart investments, and save money.

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How OneStop Financial Solutions Helps Our Clients Achieve Their Goals

We are a team of advisers that offer a range of different solutions to your many financial needs. Whether you need some financial coaching to get you into your first home, general financial advice on lending, insurance, or KiwiSaver, or want some help with more in-depth financial planning, such as preparing for retirement, we are the team for you.

We get to know our clients to understand your goals, what your desired outcomes are, and what is important to you. From there, we help build a plan and actively work with you to help and support you achieve your financial goals.

Mortgages & Lending

Whether you are a first home buyer, current homeowner, or property investor, our team of mortgage advisers will help secure the best lending solutions for you. We work for you, not the banks or lenders, helping our clients save thousands of dollars in interest over their loan term.





KiwiSaver plays a key role in helping you get in to a first home or live a comfortable retirement, so getting it right is so important. Not getting professional advice may mean losing thousands if not millions of dollars in the long run. Talk to us today to ensure your KiwiSaver is working for you.




A key to financial success is ensuring a backup plan if things go wrong. We are in the business of helping you get ahead in life, part of that is protecting you from the things that can have a detrimental financial impact. We work with you to design an insurance policy within your budget that provides security and protection.


Financial Planning

Many of us have financial goals, whether reducing debt, buying a home, or early retirement. But a goal without a plan is just a dream. Whatever your goal may be, we are passionate about helping you get ahead and prepare financially. We help implement a plan and provide ongoing support to ensure you achieve your financial goals.


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About Matt Willoughby & OneStop Financial Solutions

Matt Willoughby is a Registered Financial Adviser specialising in Mortgage, Insurance, KiwiSaver & ACC services. He is known as a client-focused adviser who always puts the needs of his clients first.

Matt worked at a large Insurance & Mortgage firm for 3 years and learned the trade from one of NZ’s top Mortgage Brokers.
Most of Matt’s business comes by word-of-mouth referrals, which is a testament to the outstanding results Matt achieves for his clients.

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