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Personal Insurance

One of the key parts of financial planning is protecting yourself from unexpected events such as loss of income, injury, illness or premature death. These kind of events can have a huge, negative impact on your livelihood and financial circumstances now and in the future.

It’s very rare we come across homeowners who don’t insure their house, because of course if you lost your home you would want to rebuild. However, we regularly come across people who do not insure themselves, or their income. The likelihood of having your house burn down is far lower than something like being diagnosed with cancer, however the reality for some in the absence of insurance means they are selling their home to cover medical treatment, or they are no longer working an unable to pay the mortgage.

This is where personal insurance products such as Life, Trauma, Income Protection and Medical cover come in. Managing this risk means that you are not only able to protect yourself but your family too. We work with all leading insurance providers to tailor our advice to your specific needs, providing you with the best outcome that fits within your budget.

Business Insurance (Life & Risk)

Much like protecting ourselves personally for things like major illness, inability to work or premature death it is often just as important to protect our business from these types of events too. Running a business can come with major responsibility such as debt and job security for your team, if something were to happen to you that resulted in you having to exit the business temporality or permanently what would happen? Taking insurance out on yourself, for your business for the events mentioned above can provide your business with the money to pay down debt, hire somebody to do your role or cover lost revenue. It can also be used to provide funding for buy/sell agreements triggered by death or permanent disability.

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ACC is effectively a government insurance policy, however it’s extremely limited in that it only covers you in the event of injury or accident; it does not cover you at all when it comes to illness or when your injury then become “degenerative”.

Being self employed and liable for your own levies means you have options when it comes to how much you are covered for and how much you pay. If you can redirect the money you already spend on ACC to income insurance that covers you for both illness and injury then why wouldn’t you?

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