Financial Planning & Retirement


financial planning


To get ahead financially one of the first and most important steps is learning how to best manage your money. After working with thousands of clients over the years we have found most people have some form of financial goal, whether it be pay off debt, upgrade the car, go on yearly holiday’s, buy a house or buy multiple properties.

The first step of any financial planning is to break it down and understand where you are at from there you can put together the appropriate action steps to achieve your financial goals.

Get a Financial Plan

We have built an incredible tool which breaks down debt, expenses and helps you understand and manage your money better.

We get approached by hundreds of people every year wanting to figure out how to get in to their first home, our Financial Planner allows us to break down the steps for our prospective first home buyers and make the process that much more obtainable. Unlike banks and many brokers, as soon as you engage with us we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We don’t believe in the word “No” instead it’s always yes, whether that be yes you can buy a home in 12 months, or yes you can buy a home in 5 years, either way we will never turn people away, instead we work with them to get to the point of “Yes, you can buy now”.

Whether you are just after a copy of our Financial Planner to get going yourself, or you are looking for in depth sessions and ongoing accountability we are the team for you. We are driven by helping people succeed, so if you are ready to get ahead, we are committed to helping you. Consider us you Financial Personal Trainers.


Planning for Retirement

Many people do not have a plan for retirement, and while it may seem like a long time away for most of us, it is never too early to start understanding what is required to live the life we want to when we retire. People are living longer and longer now, meaning we are faced with having to plan to financially support ourselves for possibly 30 or more years past 65. Making it one of the largest financial commitments of our lives. We have an awesome and interactive tool that helps us determine what you need to retire comfortably and allows us to map out the pathway to get there. From there we help you take action and work towards a happy retirement.

Asset Finance

Short term debt such as personal loans, hire purchase and credit cards are a regular part of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, most people we come across are paying high interest rates on unsecured debt in a variety of forms making it harder and it taking longer to pay off. Securing your debt against some form of asset allows you to bundle your debts in to one easy repayment and securing an often much better interest rate. Saving you money immediately in repayments and helping pay down your debt sooner.

Or maybe you are looking at taking out a new loan and what to explore your options and nab a great rate

Either way, with the help of our industry partners we can help you with secured loans for whatever it is you are after. Have a chat to one of our team today to find out more.

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